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Dr. Barbara Young

The Divine Healing Technique combines Guided Meditation, the Nature of your Spirit and Soul-Mind as well as the Divine Natures of the Family of God that heals your Spirit of negative disruptive memories-- memories that result in personality dis-ease--memories that inhibit Perfect Love.

Once you have decided to enter into a session, e-mail me so that we can arrange a free pre-session discussion that helps me to know you better and design your healing sessions.

Private Session $45.00 - Each Session (One & One-Half Hours in Duration)

Telephone Session call 520-568-3460
Skype Session - drbarbmaricopaaz

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Telephone Session

Number of Sessions

Telephone and Skype Sessions

  • Sessions can be scheduled 5 days apart or more for healing integration within your Spirit.
  • Arrange for a free preliminary telephone or Skype conversation.
  • When I receive your payment confirmation, I will contact you via e-mail to schedule our appointment.
  • Telephone: 520-568-3460.
  • Skype video link: drbarbmaricopaaz.
  • I'm available between 2PM to 12AM Pacific Standard Time (PST) seven days a week.
  • I will be using an inner Guided Visual Meditation for all sessions.
  • At the time of your session, relax in a recliner, sofa, or bed so that your body is supported and you can concentrate on your session.
  • You will need extra sleep for integration time.
  • During the session, I will ask you questions about what you are experiencing in order to guide you accordingly.
  • I will take notes for future reference.

In-person sessions are held in Maricopa, Arizona just southwest of Phoenix. There are plentiful motels available.

Telephone and Skype sessions are prepaid via Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, check or money order.

Week-Long Private Sessions For Extensive Higher Education

Week-long private sessions are available for:

  • Preparation for the Spiritual-Soul's Transfiguration to become a Man or Woman of God.
  • Private education to become a Divine Teacher and Counselor.

The lessons will take place in Maricopa, Arizona.

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